Telecom Services

We respect the confidence of it's customers earned by consistent quality, on-time delivery, highly customized
solutions ensured by the team of dedicated personnel. Our team will always be with you with better performance.

Various Telecom Services that our company provide are:

Man with backpack

Microwave Installation

Walk Through

BTS Installation

School Bus Attendance

RF Installation

School Bus Attendance

Small Cell Installation

School Bus Attendance

Outdoow Wi-fi Installation

School Bus Attendance

Network Planning

School Bus Attendance

RRH Swapping & Dismentle

School Bus Attendance

RF/LOS Survey

School Bus Attendance

Drive Test & Commissioning

School Bus Attendance

Tower Foundation

School Bus Attendance

Small & Large Pad

School Bus Attendance

Shelter Maintenance

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Jharkhand (Office)

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     Dhanbad, (Jharkhand) 828109

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