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The process of sending SMS which is related to marketing, offers of any product/services is known as bulk SMS. You can send bulk SMS via online dashboard/software. It’s simple to easy & cost effective method from any other marketing strategies. There are multiple helpful features in it; Like, uploading contact numbers in bulk via excel file/copy-paste, scheduling your messages, making groups of numbers, checking delivery reports of your campaigns etc.

There are different kinds of bulk SMS -

Transactional - These are the SMS which are used to transmit vital or necessary information to the customers. Example banks use the transactional SMS for sending OTP related information. It is also used by e-commerce portals for sending order updates. These SMS are sent to both DND and non DND numbers.

Promotional - These SMS are basically used for marketing purposes. Companies used to send promotional offers to their customers. These SMS can only be sent to non DND numbers within a time frame of 9 am to 9 pm.

Bulk SMS is the best way to promote your brand. Almost all kinds of companies from startups to gaint companies are preferring bulk SMS for marketing.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of bulk SMS


  • Increasing Use of mobile phones : There are 581 million smartphone users in India. The average time of person looks at the phone is 150times/day.
  • Highest Open Rate : Bulk SMS has the highest open rate of 98% and 90% of the messages are read within 3 seconds of being received.
  • Instant Delivery : SMS takes less than 7 sec to get delivery at anytime and anywhere. This will help you to reach customer much faster than any other channel.
  • Customer Engagement : It is a direct way to connect with customers, Customers can easily be retained and convinced with the help of SMS.
  • Low Cost and High ROI : Bulk SMS marketing campaigns have low cost & a high ROI when compared to other forms of marketing like Social media ads, traditional marketing ads, etc.


  • Short Message : Each SMS can only hold a maximum of 160 characters, so long messages will not be able to be sent.
  • Network Issue : SMS gets failed sometimes due to a network connectivity issue and gets delivered as soon as the network receives.

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